For the first time at the III Genealogical Forum GENTECH 2020, the Award will be held. The Award will identify and highlight the best projects, practices, and programs among Russian companies in the field of genealogy.
11 April, 2020
VESNA space
GENTECH is a Forum and Award aimed at the idea of transferring the past into the future.

Science and education
Achievements in the field of scientific research, establishment and promotion of the educational programs.

  • For contribution to the development of science
  • The best educational project
  • For the development of scientific potential
    Professional award
    For achivments in professional sphere.

    • Civil Registry Officer
    • Heraldist
    • Archivist
    • Archive manager
    • Genealogist
    Creative projects, works of art, which promote and popularize ideas of family values.

    • The best cultural institution, which supports family values culture
    • The most creative project
    • The best research
    • Discovery of the year
    Family business
    Projects created by couples, children and their parents, interesting cases of continuity in business as well as of the partnership relations within couples.

    • The best Family Initiative
    • The best project / product for the whole family
    Blogs and media
    The most relevant and creative projects in the media industry.

    • The best Genealogy Edition
    • The best Personal Blog (Channel)
    • The best material on family values, traditions
    Social activity and charity
    Socially significant projects and initiatives, created to develop and support social values of the society.

    • The best social project
    • The best Corporate Family Program
    Business and services
    The best cases and programs of the companies.

    • The best corporate project for historians
    • Regional breakthrough
    • The best family-oriented online project
    • The best DNA Lab
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    Will the candidate attend GENTECH 2020?
    The list of the experts and board of trustees will be announced in the near future and published on the official website and social networks.